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Featured in Weddingbells Magazine

It’s my favorite time of year again (and no I’m not just meaning Christmas). The Magazine racks are beginning to fill up with the newest bridal magazines and show off the latest trends in the fabulous wedding world. For Weddingbells Magazine, I was fortunate to work on  pastel cake centerpiece spread. Here I was asked to designed with the talented Christine Flynn of Love the Design (she designed the lovely stationary toppers) for  these four pretty cake centerpieces .

I was also thrilled to hear that one of the weddings I worked on in July 2010 was also featured in the real wedding section. It wasn’t just any wedding , Jasmine and David’s Royal York wedding. It’s nice to see the extravagant 5 foot wedding cake I designed for them in print with the  lovely and memorable couple. It also made me happy to read what the couple said about their cake.

“We were thrilled with Lori’s cake, which was not only stunning to look at but delicious, too. She is also so sweet to work with,” the two share. “About three weeks before the wedding, we were still ‘cake plotting,’ and we increasedour cake budget to make it even more grand.”

Wedding Photography by : Dave and Charlotte Photography

Wedding Planned and Designed by: Cynthia Martyn Events

Flowers by Fuscia Designs

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Thanksgiving Pumpkin Cake

This past weekend being the Canadian Thanksgiving I designed a cake for my family. So this means I could do whatever I wanted to the design of this pumpkin cake with dulce de leche and vanilla bean icing. So I decided create a black piped lace covered pumpkin with ruffled leaves and a gold stem. Sure it might not be precise representation of a pumpkin but it’s sure is pretty.


Maddie at the Plaza

I’m thrilled to present Maddie’s Bat Mitzvah cake. As I mentioned before her party was inspired by sock hop rock theme at the Capitol Event Theater. When designing this cake I still wanted to make it a little more personal to Maddie then just her party theme. We decided to put touches of her favorite childhood book Eloise at the Plaza (an adorable 1950’s childrens book her mother would read to her growing up) into the cake. So a large bow, pearl charm bracelet with 50’s themed charms , pink stripes, and the font from the novel decked out this cookies and cream and banana split party cake.

Maddie’s name was hand painted similar to the Eliose font on a background of hand painted stripes and polka dots.

Roller skates, milkshakes, poodles skirt, and other 1950’s themed charms were added to the edible pearl charm bracelet.
The bow topper was probably my favourite part. It reminds me of the Eloise and the Plaza fashion line Betsey Johnson did a few years back.


Nick + John's Mad (in love) Men Wedding Cake

I really was thrilled for this wedding cake. Nick and John (an amazing couple) were drawn to my fashionista ways to styling wedding cakes and wanted to combine my couture ways to their Mad Men themed wedding at the Ontario Heritage center in  downtown Toronto.  So I decided to take inspiration from classic menswear fabric’s like hounds tooth, pinstripes and corduroy with a their colours of brown, teal, and cream. I originally planned to add suspenders to the bottom tier of the cake, but as the design evolved , it just seemed to much. Sometimes as a designer, I need to edit to create the best possible cake for the couple.  What really made my day was seeing the couple’s reaction and gratitude as I delivered their cake.

Thank you so much Nick and John! You were both a dream to work with and I’m glad you both enjoyed your cake.


Stasia and Robert's Birdcage and Buttons Wedding Cake

Every couple I meet have their own style and unique touches to decorating their reception. For Stasia and Robert, they had a touch of whimsy and crafty touches with birds on limbs for their centerpieces. I loved that for their wedding the had several shades of color that made the room feel quite simply happy. So for their cake we went with this charming design of a carved birdcage top tier and rows of colorful buttons and frill trims. Two gold birds were later added when the cake was safely delivered. Congrats to Stasia and Robert who said their vows at sunrise on Georgian Bay’s waterfront.


Elegant Ranunculas & Anemone Wedding Cake

I do love the challenge of designing and decorating an over the top large detailed masterpiece of a wedding cake but sometimes elegant and simple is just as enjoyable. For this country bride I wanted the wedding cake to suit her simplistic and beautiful wedding reception. So we went with a three tier cake with two round layers and one petal shaped tier and covered the trim in hand made white fondant doilies. The green edible gumpaste ranunculas and black and white anemone flowers gave the pop of elegant detail to this country inspired wedding cake design and I love how gorgeous it turned out.

Congrats to Katie and Scott for you recent marriage. All the best to your sweet future together.


Cheryl and Francesco's Nautical Palais Royale Wedding Cake | Bliss Events

I really enjoy how fun and excited my couples get during the wedding planning process. When I met with Cheryl for her cake tasting / design consultation, right off the bat we were having fun planning her nautical inspired cake for her wedding at Palais Royale Ballroom planned by Whitney at Bliss Events. The blue and white nautical inspiration didn’t come from her beautiful waterfront Toronto venue , but her soon to be husband’s career as an engineer. Since he wasn’t there when planning the chocolate rum wedding cake, she had left it a surprise to add touches like propellers and anchor charms on a silver sugar chain hanging from striped fondant ruffles and topped with a soft white sugar flower.

Congratulations to Cheryl and Francesco! Your wedding was gorgeous and I’m so thrilled you allowed me to be a part of your wedding day. All the best.

-The Caketress


Featured on Style Me Pretty – Little Black Book | Jennifer Klementti Photography

You should check out Style me Pretty for a garden inspired style inspiration shoot with captured by Jennifer Klementti Photography. This black and white pinstripe design was completely hand painted and covered in shades of pink ruffles and touches of gold accents.

Event & Floral Design and Styling:

Photography: Jennifer Klementti Photography

Stationery: Papillon Press

Linens: Micki’s Fine Linen


Lisa & Greg's Hawaiian Themed Wedding cake | Capitol Event Theatre

Yes the beautiful satin white wedding cake has it’s place in elegant wedding cake designs, but it’s not for everyone. Being that I make custom designs that suit each couple’s personality, Lisa and Greg, the bride and groom, were not the average couple. They loved bright colours so much that they used it to celebrate their wedding day at the Capitol Event Theatre on Yonge Street in Toronto. They also had a unique theme of Hawaiian eclectic for their wedding decor, planned and coordinated by Crystal Adair Benning of Distinct Occasions. They really wanted a sassy cake that was nontraditional and had tropical flair for this pumpkin layer cake with vanilla bean butter cream and dulce de leche. This may be a common theme for cakes in warmer parts of the world, but in Toronto not many couples come to me with such a fun and wild theme. So in a way this cake was like a vacation for me.

The base of this vibrant cake was airbrushed with a fading bright pink to orange and then painted with silver polka dots. The mixture of tropical flowers including the large pink sugar  hibiscus complimented with the bamboo gave the right touch of the tropics. For those of you who love interesting and colorful cakes, you should check out the amazing talents of Rick Reichart of Cake Lava from Hawaii.

Sweet Regards to Lisa and Greg. I hope you enjoy your honeymoon in Iceland and thank you for letting me design your colorful cake!

To get such rich orange and pink colours  while cake decorating I used  my favorite compressor and airbrush. Which also makes it fun and a lot quiker then kneading in the color.


Vintage Perfume Bottles Mini Cakes

Even small and  intimate events can still have a hint sweet luxury. Miniature cakes that are served and presented to each guest adds huge wow factor to any event. For this intimate affair I designed and recreated vintage perfume bottles out of banana cake. I’ve said it before , mini cakes are the most labor intensive form of cake, but when you think about combining the favour and cake budget it’s worth work that goes into these little unique gems.

I have to thank all of you who have been following my blog and spreading the word about my art. I hope to contribute and share more about my little sweet opportunities and confections. So keep checking out the blog and feel free to comment on what you’d like to see or answered in this cake world of mine. Sweet Regards – The Caketress.


Trio of Vintage Birdcage Wedding Cakes

These days wedding cakes come in all flavors, shapes and forms. Each one I design is meant to be as unique as it’s extravagant affair is is to be showcased at. For Samantha and Scott’s wedding cake , they allowed me to be a little more out of the box and different with their banana split cake. Their outdoor Newmarket wedding was a mix of circus, vintage, and shabby chic fun and I knew they wouldn’t just want a simple three tier cake. Instead we went with a trio of wedding cakes that were carved into the shape of antique style birdcages. The background of the cages were hand painted similar to their wedding invitation (with a few birds added ). Enjoy!

All the best to the sweetly different couple Samantha and Scott. Congrats!


Mini Cakes, Cupcakes, & Sweets Featured in Weddingbells Magazine

It’s that time of year again. When the magazine stands are filled with the newest issues of the hottest magazines. I’m thrilled to be featured in the newest issue of Weddingbells Magazine. Since it’s the Fall / Winter issue I was asked to design mini cakes, cupcakes, and sweets to fill an autumn “Northern Reflection” inspired shoot. The newest issue is on stands now.

Aswell Weddingbells wrote a nice blog post about a few of the Caketress’ wedding cakes from this July. You can check them out here.

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Jasmine and David's Luxurious Royal York Wedding

The wedding cake is more than just a traditional wedding dessert. It’s the ultimate centerpiece to the reception’s decor where both sides of the wedding can come together in awe of it’s edible artwork.

For Jasmine and David’s Royal York wedding in downtown Toronto, they wanted the cake to be the first thing you see when you walked into the Imperial Ballroom.  Their decor, planned and designed by the talented Cynthia Martyn of Cynthia Martyn Events , made it exciting and easy to find inspiration for the cake design. Jasmine  had a good sense for what she wanted.  The cake had to be at least 5 tiers tall, vintage inspired, purple and gold, interesting fence like topper, and to accentuate her beautiful wedding decor of roses and orchids. I had so much fun with Jasmine when designing this wedding cake, mainly because we both would get excited and dream up more ways to make her cake luxurious. Over time with our cake plotting and dreaming, it grew, added more flowers and golden lace trim,  a grooms cake was added for their brunch, and the cake became more detailed and elegant with 24k gold scrolls to blend with the topper. Her style as a fabulous bride and mine as a cake designer blended in creating this edible masterpiece and the results has made it one of my favorite cakes I’ve designed to date. 

Another aspect that excited me for this wedding was who they had chosen for their wedding photographers, Dave and Charlotte Photography. With knowing how glamorous they shoot weddings,  I had to use their photos when capturing this large wedding cake. As a cake designer, with it being a busy and extremely labour intensive job,I don’t usually ever get to see the cake cutting or the couple enjoying their cake. So when I saw these gorgeous images, I was so thrilled (almost cried) to see Jasmine and David (one of my favourite couples) cut their dream cake I designed for them. It’s pictures like these that remind me why I work so long and hard on an art form that must be destroyed to be savoured. Thank you again Dave and Char for sharing these!

Congratulations Jasmine and David! It was pleasure designing your dream wedding cake.

This vanilla and raspberry cake was nearly 5 feet tall with 8 tiers (2 double) and a golden edible fencepost topper.

I love how stunning this photo is!

Wedding Photography by : Dave and Charlotte Photography

Wedding Planned and Designed by: Cynthia Martyn Events


White Chocolate Golden Wedding Cake | Taboo Resort

It’s almost always that I use smooth fondant for decorating wedding cakes because the artistic possibilities are endless. Christy the bride , however loved the look of rustic rolled white chocolate for her golden wedding cake to be served up north at Taboo Resort. This four tier oval golden cake needed to match the old world feel to her wedding decor , crafted by Muskoka’s leading decor team , Filled with raspberries and white chocolate ganache, this cake screamed decadence. Handed made sugar flowers, each uniquely painted in actual gold finished this beautiful and delicious cake.


Coral and Pink Square Wedding Cakes | Muskoka Wedding Cake

This pink and coral elegant designer wedding cake made it’s way up north for a reception at one of my favorite Muskoka venue’s for nothern weddings , The Rosseau.  The rich flavour of this three tier square cake was an Opera Cake (top two) and the bottom was a Lemon Cake. Both favourites of the Bride and Groom.  The delicate  piping was based on the lovely invitations the bride had choosen, and the falling pink blossoms and coral hydrangeas gave the right pop of colour for their elegant affair up north.


Guest Sweet Table feature for the Amy Atlas Blog

Amy Atlas is the queen when it comes to styling and designing Dessert and Sweet tables. When I was offered the opportunity to contribute to her popular dessert blog, I could not refuse. I’ve designed many cakes, but with this being my first sweet table , I wanted it to be still scream “Caketress”. Fashion plays a huge roll in a lot of my designs. Mainly because I used to dream of being a fashion designer, and though it didn’t pan out for me, I like to combine my two dream careers to make edible fashions that represents my couples personal style. So with out a doubt I knew my very first sweet table would have hints of couture.

I enlisted the help of Cindy Johnson of  Platinum Events Group to do her magic on styling and Taylor Jackson Photography to capture my couture sweet table. Cindy and I agreed the look should be soft with greys and whites to make it look almost dreamy. A perfect palette for an elegant winter wedding in which I would love to do again. However our choice of color palette made it a challenge to find uncolorful candy. So with scouting the city neutral candy and creating lace frill cupcakes, lavender meringue ruffles and french macaroons by  Enchanted Sweets , the color palette turn pulled through beautifully. Our lovely model bride wore Vera Wang gown and had a  Fuscia Designs floral bouquet as precious  arm candy.  The soft and feminine calligraphy by Calligraphy by Diane gave the finished look to this fabulous team creative. Check out the feature on the Amy Atlas Blog.

A trio of grey and white wedding  cakes addorned with lace and ruffles made a starting point to this designed dessert table.

I wanted to stay away from the expected plateaus and stands for the some of the malted chocolate pearls, rock sugar crystals, pumpkin cupcakes and French macaroons. Instead I placed them in jewelry boxes to tie in with the chic dressed look.Love the glittery broach on on the bouquet!

Forgot how much fun making meringues can be.

Make sure to check out the amazing team who made this look happen!

Photography: Taylor Jackson Photography
Stylist: Cindy Johnson, Wedding & Event Stylist, Platinum Events Group
French Macaroons: Enchanted Sweets
Calligraphy & Stationery: Calligraphy by Diane
Linen & Rentals: Chair-Man Mills
Floral Décor: Fuscia Designs
Hair and Makeup Artist: Tami El Sombati
Gown: Vera Wang Toronto
Model: Laura Rowley


Featured on Style me Pretty | Cynthia Martyn Events | Rebecca Wood Photography

One of my favourite parts of working in the wedding industry is meeting other creative and talented people. Each wedding the vendors are almost like a family of creative minds working together to create the couples dream day. I enjoy working with wedding planners, floral designers, stationary designers and any other creative mind in the wedding planning process. Often their work is incorporated into the cake design because what they do is also so inspiring.

A couple of weeks ago Cynthia Martyn contacted me to design a cake for her wedding inspiration shoot to be showcased on the queen of all bridal blogs, Style me Pretty. I was thrilled for many reasons for this project , one of which was who was capturing the photographs, the talented Rebecca Wood. Rebecca captures weddings in such a soft and beautiful happy way and was the perfect match for this girly pink and peach inspiration design shoot.

For the design of the cake , I wanted to make it soft and cheery. So I incorporated several shades of pink and peach sugar pom poms. To give the vintage touch to the cake I created edible gold vintage keys and buttons (I know I’m obsessed). The main focal point of the cake was the fabric inspired large sugar flower which was hand painted with crafty touches. 

Here are a few of the images from the shoot. You can check out the rest on Style me Pretty.

Stemz flowers designed the gorgeous floral arrangement. The peonies, roses and bougainvillea smelled amazing.  f

Cynthia found these adorable pattern soaps which complimented the custom designed menu made by Christine Flynn from Love the Design.  

Champagne slushies…um..Yum!

Here’s a list of all the talented minds who worked on this peachy concept. I highly suggest checking them out!

Concept Design & Styling: Cynthia Martyn Events Inc.  /  Photography: Rebecca Wood Photography / Floral Design: Stemz / Stationery: Love The Design /  Hair & Makeup: Faces By Carla / Dress: Saja Wedding via Sash & Bustle Boutique / Hair Flowers: Handle & Spout / Table Props: Cynthia Martyn Events Inc. & Stemz / Furnishings: Rentals via Chairman Mills


Purple Wedding Cake Hat | The Great Gatsby | The Hart House Toronto | Cynthia Martyn Events

Wow 2010 wedding season has begun it full force and I really can’t wait to execute all of the designs I have been sketching up over the last 12 months and even further back. This past weekend I finished this cake beauty and also another year went by on the age clock for me. It made me realize that I have been making cakes for 7 years now. However I really think I’ve came into my own this past year as a cake designer. I have my own style and way I approach sugar art and lovely couples who not only want my designs for their wedding cake, but who inspire me in my mission to create cakes that reflect the couple’s style and not just another trend. For me , trends come and go, and I want each cake I make to be meant for the couple and be forever memorable as their cake alone.So this past weekend the lovely Vivian and Eugene said the vows at The Hart House in downtown Toronto. Their stylish Great Gatsby inspired reception was planned by the reputable Cynthia Martyn and decorated by Tamara and Kevin of Fuscia Designs. Being that I book up in advance, I normally can’t take last minute orders  but luckily I was able to fit this cake in. This three tier purple and black cake with edible birdcage veil, was in need of a hat, a stylish hat. Once again I find myself not necessarily “decorating” but dressing and styling this cake to be fit to be showcased at this couples elegant affair.
 Congrats again Vivian and Eugene on your union and thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding.
– The Caketress


Cynthia Martyn wedding, Three tier purple cake with hat, cake sketch Toronto wedding cake- Hart House- Fuscia Designs-

Toronto wedding cake, Hart House Wedding

For the edible veil I used one of my favourite cake tools: Sugarveil icing dispenser and icing.SugarVeil Confectionery Icing - Create Artful & Delectable Details Effortlessly


Wedding Cake for Weddingbells 25th Anniversary Party | Windsor Arms Hotel Toronto

    This week has been a fun packed busy week for me. First I taught two more classes at the Bonnie Gordon Cake School here in Toronto (Haute Couture Class and Painting on Cakes). Second, I had the opportunity to be apart of The Cake Showtoday as a guest speaker, and third I  got to design a lovely cake for Weddingbells Magazine’s 25th Anniversary party, held at the Windsor Arms Hotel on . The party showcased 25 of Toronto’s talented cake designers (all who trained under the Bonnie Gordon School), and I felt fortunate to be amongst such a creative group.
    For this design I wanted to showcase how I design wedding cakes. So a dash of vintage, a hint couture, and of course some bling was my recipe for this pink and peach cake design.
   To finish such a great week I will be a Judge (yes , not competing, judging) at the main event of The Cake Show tomorrow at the Wychwood Barns . The event is open to the public and an affair of all cake affairs and I highly recommend stopping by to view and TASTE some of the best cakes Toronto and Ontario  has to offer. For more information, check out it out here.

Weddingbells Anniversary wedding cake  Windsors Arms Hotel
Pink and Peach wedding cake with sugar ruffles and broaches
Photography by Taylor Jackson


Purple Wedding Cakes | Toronto Wedding Cake Designer | Rowell Photography

The wedding color palette tends be one of the first decisions a bride make when designing her wedding. Every year there tends to be trends of popular shades, but this year I’m loving the vast color palettes my couples are bringing to their cake consultations. One color that seems to stand out more then once this year is purple. It’s funny how one year a color can be out and then back in , in a new way. Here’s a wedding cake design I did last year with several shades of purple fondant ruffles on a neutral grey base with hints of silver.

Photography by ROWELL Photography

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Toronto Birch Mini Cakes | | Canadian Special Events Expo | MTCC

Mini cakes will not be going out of style any time soon. It is a luxury and a grand statement to have an individually designed miniature cake served to each of your guests. I designed these birch mini cakes for a last minute request for Muskoka decor and design extraodinaire Elizabeth Johnston of She participlated in a table theme challenge at the Canadian Special Events Expo held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center this past Thursdays, and was no surprise she placed first. Her themed “Spirit of Nature” table was a gorgeously layered masterpiece with Native flair. Congrats to Elizabeth for her winning design!

Birch Miniature Cake Nature Inspired Decor by

Photography by Taylor Jackson

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Couture Cakes Class – Bonnie Gordon School of Cake Design

      It’s been a year of a few new ventures. One of which is I’ve began teaching my own classes at the prestigious Bonnie Gordon School of Cake Design. I’m a big fan of the school, mainly because Bonnie Gordon was the first and most influential person I’ve learned from in the early stages of my passion of cake design. Students are not just taught several skills and techniques but they are pushed to be creative and find their own style as a cake designer/hobbiest.
       My first class, Haute Couture Cakes,  was held in early March and the students did an excellent job taking inspiration from current trends on the runway and creating edible couture. Here are few  pics of the class. For more information on the next set of classes , please feel free to check out The Bonnie Gordon School of Cake Design.

The Caketress Couture Class at Bonnie Gordon SchoolToronto Couture Cakes

Cake Style Inspiration: Betty Paige | Cheetah Print and Red Wedding Cake

I enjoy taking inspiration from style icons. In this case, as part of the 2010 Collection, Betty Paige played a huge influence for this design. To play into the pin up style , I hand painted the cake with cheetah print and included flirty touches such as fish net and ruffled red fondant. All in all I wanted this cake to be stylish with a touch of flirty.
Woodbridge wedding cakes
Photography by Taylor Jackson Photography


Gown Inspired Wedding Cakes | Cabaret Vintage| Rowell Photography

I really can’t turn off the design side of my brain especially when shopping. So when I walked into one of my new favourite store’s, Cabaret Vintage and was in awe of the one of kind vintage clothing and vintage inspired bridal line, I really couldn’t help but feel inspired . The owner of this fabulous store asked me if I would be interested in creating a window display cake, and of course I was more then thrilled to come up with two cake design concepts.

Hanging on the wall was a gorgeous vintage replicated and cleverly pillowed tailored dress known as the “Truffle” dress. Instantly I was debating how to recreate the dress’s unique tailoring into a an edible design concept. For the second design, I replicated the detailed embroidery and pleats of a this 1960’s glamour inspired dress.

I really couldn’t help but want to capture this fashionable collaboration in a editorial style shoot and was thrilled to have had the talents of Erika and Ryan, of Rowell Photography work their fierce skills.


Photography by: ROWELL Photography

Clothing and Location : Cabaret – High Fashion Vintage Boutique

Model: Nancy Ghuman

cabaret wedding gowns toronto Bridal Cabaret Toronto cake - Rowell Photography Simple Elegant White wedding Cake
Two Layer Pink and Silver Couture Wedding Cake Cabaret Vintage and Green Shag Wedding Attire

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Muskoka Wedding Cakes – Rowell Photo –

When it comes to over the top Muskoka weddings and events, Elizabeth Johnston’s from name usually follows. Last spring I was asked if I would like to design mini cakes for them for a creative shoot with one of my favorite photographer duos, Ryan and Erika from ROWELL Photography. Mini cakes are one the most extravagant forms of presenting the wedding cake to guests. I wanted to make the mini cakes glamorous with a touch of old world charm, decorating them with vintage buttons and edible feathers, (don’t expect my obsession for antique buttons and feathers to go away anytime soon.) The two similar but different mini cakes made a nice touch and complimented the gorgeous florals and table decor that is known for.
The Caketress

Floral and Tabletop Decor: and their new Blog
Photography : Rowell Photography
Model: Emily
rowell photography event decorator muskoka wedding cakes
Elizabeth johnson
Pink Mini cakes Muskoka decorTwo tier pink gold mini cakes


Falling Leaves and Golden Twigs | Barn Wedding Blue Mountian | Three tier painted oval wedding cake

This time of year is the best when it comes to the outdoor beauty of the Blue Mountains while the leaves change color. It’s no wonder this couple got married outside at a horse farm and the reception in the an actual barn. For the design of the cake , we match the custom made stationary by painting on a climbing branch silhouette with falling sugar leaves while adding golden twigs in the background.
fall themed wedding cake
Cake inspired by wedding invitations

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Featured: Fall and Winter issue of Weddingbells

Mini cakes are hot trend right now with weddings. They can act as a double purpose by combining both the favor and cake or centerpiece for each table and cake. Mini Cakes definitely can bring a luxurious wow factor to your event. Not only was I honored to be featured in Weddingbells Magazine Fall & Winter 2009 , but I was thrilled when they wanted Chocolarte’ s belgium chocolates to be part of the shoot. Here are 3 of my chocolate mini cake featured in the newest issue of Weddingbells Magazine hitting stands next week! To see 3 more mini cakes I designed for Weddingbells, check out Rosie’s Idea’s Blog at Weddingbells.

Toronto Magazine Mini Wedding Cakes -Weddingbells

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